Thursday, May 14, 2015

Xhol Caravan - 2006 - Altena 1969

Xhol Caravan
Altena 1969

01. le' (10:10)
02. So Damn So Down and So Blue (4:38)
03. Psychedelic Sally (4:12)
04. Emptiness (4:36)
05. Freedom Opera (56:44)

- Skip van Wyck / drums
- Tim Belbe / saxophone
- Hansi Fischer / saxophone, flute
- Klaus Briest / bass
- Öcki / keyboards

Fantastic live show recorded in 1969 and released in 2006.

Xhol were one of the earliest Krautrockers, releasing their 1st in 1969. These guys were unknown & undiscovered until the recent Krautrock revival & are still underappreciated. This is over 80' of them at their wild, jamming, krautrock peak, featuring dual reeds, keyboards, guitar, bass, drums and still with singer James Rhodes, who would leave shortly after, when the band would then change their name again (from Soul Caravan to Xhol Caravan and finally to Xhol). Includes the infamous "Freedom Opera", which lasts over 55'! Very good sound considering the age of the recordings, and the usual amazingly thorough job by Garden of Delights, including liner notes and lots of photos.


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