Thursday, May 14, 2015

Xhol Caravan - 2001 - Motherfuckers Live

Xhol Caravan 
Motherfuckers Live (1968-1969)

Disc 1 - Freedom Opera (1968) (56:50)
101. Acapulco Gold (Xhol)
102. Poems (Adapted from Vanilla Fudge)
103. Season of the Witch (Donovan Leitch)
104. Freedom Poem (Xhol/James Rhodes)
105. African Song (Xhol)
106. Talking to my Soul (Xhol)
107. Freedom Poems (Xhol/James Rhodes)
108. Planet Earth (Xhol)

Disc 2 - WDR Radio Live 1969 (56:58)
201. WDR Radio Live 1969

- Skip van Wyck / drums
- Tim Belbe / saxophone
- Hansi Fischer / saxophone & flute
- Klaus Briest / bass
- Öcki / keyboards
- James Rhodes / vocals
- Werner Funk / guitar

Xhol Caravan's debut "Electrip" is generally considered the first true Krautrock album, at least as the term is commonly understood. So one can only imagine the glee that Steve Stapleton must've felt when he was able to put his hands on these tapes from 1968! This is a truly extraordinary historical document, and shows that Xhol Caravan had long since ditched their soul roots as found on "Get on High" from 1967. The 57 minute 'Freedom Opera' suite is not easy listening, and there are frequent bouts of noise and free jazz to endure, but also plenty of reckless psychedelic abandon as only the Germans knew how to do. Psychotic ramblings, wailing sax, flute, fuzz guitar and organ are the ingredients for this once-in-a-lifetime recording. The WDR Radio session from a year later shows the band is progressing rapidly, incorporating more melody into the proceedings. For the most part, this one stays in the rails, and is like an extended version of the best parts of "Electrip".



  2. This is beautiful. My favourite is African Song. Good one. Peace, JV