Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Thirsty Moon - 2006 - I'll Be Back - Live '75

Thirsty Moon
I'll Be Back - Live '75

01. Black Clouds (9:50)
02. Rainbow (4:52)
03. Südwind (5:46)
04. Music (15:39)
05. Dreaming (7:14)
06. Don't Boogie Along The Bullshit Train (4:32)
07. Speak For Yourself (5:08)
08. Volcano (8:44)
09. Big City (10:50)

- Gert Lueken / vocals, keyboards
- Heinz Sander / bass
- Jürgen Drogies / guitars, vocals, synthesizers
- Norbert Drogies / drums, percussion

The tapes of this 1975 concert in Bremen have been rediscovered by the Drogies brothers in 2006! They only had a tape recorder and no mixer to capture the songs at that time. The sound quality is good though, with some unavoidable exceptions, for example the vocals. Here you can listen to one of the last performances before the band split up for the second time. The album title is an allusion to their second effort 'You'll never come back'.

THIRSTY MOON is celebrating good rock music, very jazzy and funky, also relaxed with the first songs. All musicians are having qualities but for me especially the excellent guitar work is remarkable. Speak for yourself is a good example for that, taken from the studio album 'Blitz' which had been released not long ago. Other exceptional songs are Black Clouds with thunder and rain from a tape and Music which contains the mandatory drum solo by Norbert Drogies. Volcano appears with a fantastic Krautrock/psychedelic interlude and the closing Big City develops to a great jam with some squeaky keys.


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