Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Thirsty Moon - 1976 - A real good time

Thirsty Moon
A real good time

01. The end of the TV programme
02. On a Saturday night
03. A real good time
04. Talk of the town
05. Candles
06. Cloud Sky
07. Sundance
08. Burn It Down
09. Distant Stars
10. Song For Sandy
11. Dreaming

- Jürgen Drogies / guitars, vocals, synthesizers
- Norbert Drogies / drums, percussion, bass
- Rainer Neumann / saxophone
- Serge Weber / piano, clavinet, synthesizers

 Forth album of this little known band from Germany. Another album with intresting and funy cover art A real good time from 1976 is another worthy album. This time no more lenghty pieces, all are under 6 min and in some parts they sound little, just little more mainstream as on You'lll never... Jazz rock with brass passages and here and there some progressive elements added, a good combination but I think the album sounds date it in some parts, like on On a Saturday night , a bland and dull piece, totaly forgetable. The music begun really to move with A real good time , Cloudy Sky or Sundance, quite good pieces that incapsulates everything Thirsty Moon has good to offer in thet period. Maybe not as solid as You'll Never Come Back but defintly worth checking out. 3 solid stars, nothing more or less. One of the bands that somehow gone unnoticed when talking about german bands from the'70s.


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