Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Thirsty Moon - 1975 - Blitz

Thirsty Moon

01. Lord of lightning (3:40)
02. Riding in the rain (3:11)
03. Magic moon (4:37)
04. It was love (3:13)
05. Speak for yourself (2:50)
06. Südwind (3:47)
07. Rainbow (5:06)
08. The jungle of your mind (7:24)
09. Crickets don't cry (5:11)

Bonus Tracks
10. Clouds
11. I'll Sing Your Song
12. Caught

- Jürgen Drogies / guitar, percussion
- Norbert Drogies / drums
- Michael Kobs / keyboards
- Harald Konietzko / bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
- Erwin Noack / percussion
- Willi Pape / saxophone, flute
- Sigfried Pisalla / guitar, vocals
- Hans Werner Ranwig / keyboards, backing vocals

A rather different album than their previous two, Blitz is a much rockier effort and was not released on the legendary Metronome section of the Brain label and it is again graced with a doubtful taste cartoon artwork by Gil Funccius. By this time, the group had been annexed by the Drogies brothers (have you checked to see I was not joking? ;-), and it sure sounds like it.

Indeed this is almost hard rock with the lead guitar and drums splattered all over it, and the whole thing is not far from a disco beat, having lost all of its previous subtleties. Even if there are still some spacey effects, they sound quite kitsch on this simple instrumental funk rock. As four out of five tracks of the opening side fit this description, only the slower It Was Love differs, but that does not make this slow ballad any more interesting. A real downer after their previous two albums.

After an equally forgetful Sûdwind, the flipside does raise this album's level to a more acceptable overall level with the charming Rainbow (filled with keyboards) and the lengthy upbeat Jungle Of Your Mind (but "marred" with a very lengthy Hawkwind-esque drum/percussion duo. in 76) and the excellent Crickets Don't Cry with finally some decent interplay, inspired tempo changes and brilliant execution.

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