Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Savage Rose - 1969 - Travellin'

The Savage Rose 

01. I'm Satisfied Mr. Captain     2:37
02. Look Out     3:33
03. Sailing Away     4:30
04. Your Lifetime's A Fairytale     6:12
05. The Castle     4:09
06. Travelin'     2:55
07. Life's Other Side     2:28
08. My Family Was Gay     7:48

Bass, Vocals – Jens Rugsted
Drums – Alex Riel
Guitar – Nils Tuxen
Harpsichord – MariaLead Vocals – Jens Rugsted (tracks: 6)
Organ, Lyrics By – Anders Koppel
Piano, Vocals, Music By – Thomas Koppel
Vocals – Annisette

Their third is mainly somewhat pop oriented, and their material is a mix of soft and slow ballads, and rather heavy rock with some progressive elements and the distinctive, though odd vocals of Annisette. It always takes a while to get used to this voice, especially if you're not familiar with it. I, for one, never stop wishing they would use a different singer, as almost anything they ever did would sound better with someone else singing, in my opinion. But as listeners, we do not have that option, so you takes what you get. Her voice seems to work better (or should I say it's not as objectionable) on the harder stuff. The ballads would be weak even with the best of vocalists, but she is the final nail in their coffin. Some of the marginal material might sound better also if it were slightly more melodic, but they seem to have a profinity for comparatively non-melodic songs. In the end, better than one half of this, I would rate solidly good or better. Worth investigating for yourself



  2. Amazing how opinions and taste can differ. I would consider Annisette an outstanding vocalist especially in ballads - right up there with Grace,Janis and Juie Driscoll at the top of female vocalists coming from the 60s. And Thomas Koppel as one of the finest composers/songwriters ever. Using his vast classical knowledge and at the same time writting songs from the heart not the head. That said this is not their finest album...

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