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Tabula Rasa - 1976 - Ekkedien Tanssi

Tabula Rasa
Ekkedien Tanssi

01. Ekkedien Tanssi (4:41)
02. Uskollinen (6:11)
03. Aamukasteen laiva (4:01)
04. Omantunnon rukous (6:09)
05. Lasihelmipeli (4:13)
06. Rakastaa (3:00)
07. Kehto (4:11)
08. Babyla Rasa (3:22)
09. Säästä mun pää (5:34)

Bonus track on CD:
10. Rakastatko vielä kun on ilta (4:30)
11. Yksin (3:25)

- Heikki Silvennoinen / guitars
- Jarno Sinisalo / piano, electric piano, organ, string synthesizer, synthesizer, harpsichord
- Tapio Suominen / bass
- Jukka Aronen / drums, timpani, percussion
- Jukka Leppilampi / vocals, backing vocals (tracks 1-9)
- Jukka Salmela / vocals (tracks 10-11)
- Jukka Gustavson / backing vocals

Of course, the music from these guys is not very complex which means that you shouldn't expect intricate and long pieces of music.

But this work is full of melody, beautiful guitar and sounds very much like the early "Camel" (mainly "Snow Goose" and "Moonmadness"). Some symphonic jazz tints complete the picture during the excellent opener (and probably the best song of the whole) but not only ("Uskollinen").

I miss the fine fluting of their debut though, and the vocal parts are less charming than what they used to be (to say the least). Some might say that this work is at times borderline plagiarism and could almost be considered as a "Camel" one if you would except the vocals (in their native language).

Do take this album for what it is: a romantic and melodic work of symphonic prog with some folk attributes ("Aamukasteen Laiva" or "Rakastaa"). Sit down, relax and enjoy. "Ekkedien Tanssi" is not as good as their debut: some songs towards the end are rather flat: "Kehto", "Babyla Rasa" but the guitar part in the good closing number ("Säästä Mun Pää") is splendid and full of passion.

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