Thursday, May 14, 2015

Release Music Orchestra - 1974 - Life

Release Music Orchestra

01. Eröffnung - Tippa Tibana (4:10)
02. Revue In Blau (7:35)
03. Damaskus (5:50)
04. Rot Wild (6:00)
05. Der Traum Des Herrn P. (8:30)
06. Zemäs Rutan (6:30)
07. Morgengabe (4:25)

Bass, Vocals – Bernd
Clarinet, Piano – Norbert
Drums – Zabba
Keyboards, Vocals, Liner Notes – Manne

RELEASE MUSIC ORCHESTRA are from Germany and they rose from the ashes of TOMORROW'S GIFT. In fact the trio that was on TOMORROW'S GIFT second and final album called "Goodbye Future" are all part of this along with clarinet player Norbert jacobsen who had played clarinet on A.R. & MACHINES' "Echo" album. Now i would describe "Goodbye Future" as a Krautrock album with a jazzy flavour while here on "Life" we get pretty much a straight up Jazz Rock affair. Oh I forgot to mention that Tommy Goldschmidt formerly from IKARUS played percussion with this band as well.

"Eroffnung-Tippa Tibana" opens with the band being introduced in a live setting followed by mellow music. A fuller sound before 2 minutes and we get some excellent drum work here as the clarinet plays over the top. There's a CAMEL vibe here. It settles late to end it. "Revue In Blau" starts to build early with the drums and clarinet leading. It settles back 3 minutes in then kicks back in before 4 1/2 minutes. It settles again 5 1/2 minutes in as that nice groove retruns. "Damaskus" is a top two for me. A catchy rhythm to start with the clarinet playing over top along with electric piano sounds oh so good. The drumming here is great as they seem to jam away. Some distorted organ before 4 1/2 minutes. Nice.

"Rot Wild" opens with atmosphere along with electric piano. It becomes psychedelic sounding as it echoes. It kicks in before 4 minutes with drums and more. "Der Traum Des Herrn P." has these repetitive drum patterns as the keyboards help out. Distorted organ joins in. A fuller sound before 3 1/2 minutes and the drumming as usual is so impressive. Dissonant horn before 4 minutes and vocal melodies after 6 minutes. "Zemas Rutan" is my other top two. This has some laid back guitar and floating organ. It's so different from the rest and I love it. "Morgengabe" has some energy as we get more of that fantastic drumming along with electric piano, bass and horns standing out.

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