Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ramses - 1978 - Eternity Rise

Eternity Rise

01. City life (4:17)
02. Only yesterday (6:00)
03. Time (5:10)
04. Windy (4:27)
05. Agitation play (4:56)
06. Eternity rise (10:59)

- Hans-Dieter Klinkhammer / bass
- Norbert Langhorst / acoustic & electric guitars
- Winfried Langhorst / keyboards, vocals
- Herbert Natho / lead vocals
- Reinhard Schröter / drums, percussion, backing vocals
+ Die Nürnberger Symphony Orchestra string section

Two years have passed between the first Ramses release and this album. But in between an earthquake invaded Europe. So, in those days I was not really in the mood for Ramses and it is only recently (four years ago or so) that I discovered their second album. Their first one was a good damned album I have to say, so I was rather curious to discover this one.

The opener can not really satisfied me. Very simple and straight-forward composition, very much in the BJH style; but since this band is huge in Germany maybe Ramses wanted to capitalize on their fame and produce some music a la BJH. This song will be their first single bw "Windy" which is a mellow rock ballad (again very much inspired by BJH). It is the poorest (but the only one) Ramses song so far.

Fortunately, "Only Yesterday" will bring us back to a more symphonic and classic Ramses. Even a bit pompous at times (yes like ELP). The song is fully in line with the best numbers of their debut album and one of the highlights from "Eternity Rise".

"Time" is somewhat darker and harder at start. Like "War" if you have heard "La Leyla" (which I strongly recommend). But the most subtle passage of this album will be featured just after this; so it is quite a strange (but beautiful) song. A fantastic and rageous guitar break will illuminate the second part of it.

"Agitation Play" sounds pretty much like "Devil Inside" from their first album. Fully ELP-ish during the intro; very powerful (even wild) keys as well as guitar. A strong and pleasant number even if it does not sound very original.

The title track features extremely nice parts of music but some weak vocals as well (fortunately there won't be too many). All in all it is a superb symphonic song and a great way to close this good album.


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