Thursday, May 14, 2015

P2O5 - 1975 - P2O5


01. All right
02. A star behind the wall
03. Hangman
04. When a soldier dies
05. I didn't care
06. Hear by the dark blue lake
07. Major god
08. I gotta go over me

Burkhard, Wolfgang (keyboards)        
Hempel, Konny (guitar)        
Hiebel, Helmut (bass)        
Lotter, Edwin (drums)        
Weiss, Werner (vocals)

P2O5 was founded 1970 in Wendelstein near Nürnberg / Germany and one played progressive hardrock with a mystical touch, but also real fine rock&roll. The band-members were school friends, and the band name was created during the chemical lessons; but it isn´t a chemical formula of explosive as often was assumed! One started with small equipment and changing session-rooms ( private basements and the bicycle-cellar of the school ). Firsts gigs were performed in 1971, most at Wendelstein, but also at Nürnberg. Quickly the fame of the band did grow; so they played in 1971 for UNICEF. Bigger gigs did follow in Tischenreuth, Amberg, Schweinfurt, Aschaffenburg and again and again in Wendelstein, the founding place of P2O5. One of the bands highlights was the participation in a live-competition at the German radio-station SWR, where the band recieved a phantastic second place. Already at the very first gig, the rock ballad Hangman was played, one of the numberous own compositions of the band. The name recognitation of P2O5 grow more and more and so in 1978 the first and only vinyl was recorded and produced in a very small number of 300 copies. After this unfortunately the band began to disband, and as the personell cycle began to turn faster and faster, P2O5 in 1982 did resolve. From today´s point of focus P2O5 was far ahead of its time in the seventies. Sets full of fantasy with an oversized marble cross, buring torches, costumes and last not least the mystic sound founded the big number of fans and the cult status of the band. 

Had this CD for years, thinking I had a reissue of the original album, with an alternate cover. This is actually a collection of mat'l recorded in 1975~6, prior to their mega-rare LP in '78. I don't like it quite as much as their released album, though it is still very good. The sound is quite heavy, hard rock, with slow and heavy, dirge-like mat'l, that has a later 70's, proto-punk flavor to it. Comes with a tri-fold-out cover card with pics, but only one panel devoted to history - and that's in German.



  2. Thank you!! This is a gem