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Osanna and David Jackson - 2009 - Prog Family

Osanna and David Jackson
Prog Family

01. Tema (1:14)
02. Animale senza respiro (5:33)
03. Mirror Train (7:14)
04. L'uomo (3:53)
05. 'A zingara (5:37)
06. Ce vulesse ce vulesse (5:52)
07. Fuje 'a chistu paese (6:37)
08. Il castello dell'Es (7 :06)
  Formentera Medley :
09. Oro caldo (2:34)
10. My Mind Flies (1:26)
11. L'amore vincerà di nuovo (1:47)
12. Everybody's Gonna See You Die (4:23)
  Blue Sky Medley:
13. In un vecchio cieco (1:56)
14. Vado verso una meta (3:07)
15. Solo uniti (3:31)
16. Theme One (3:58)
17. There Will Be Time (3:55)

- David Jackson / saxophones, flute
- Lino Vairetti / lead vocals, guitar, blues harp
- Gennaro Barba / drums
- Fabrizio Fedele / electric and acoustic guitar
- Nello D'Anna / bass
- Sasà Priore / kayboards, organ, synth, vocals
- Irvin Vairetti / synth, pad, vocals, mellotron

Guest musicians
- Lello Brandi / bass
- David Cross / electric violin
- Gianni Leone / organ, vocals
- Tim Stevens / bass
- Sophya Baccini / vocals
- Mariano Barba / drums
- Gabry Borrelli / percussion
- Oderigi Lusi / Fender Rhodes
- Alfonso La Verghetta / organ
- Gianluca Falasca / violin
- Roberto Petrella / acoustic guitar
- Solis String Quartet / strings

The present incarnation of Osanna took off on the initiative of founder member Lino Vairetti, who gathered around him a bunch skilful young musicians like Gennaro Barba (drums), Fabrizio Fedele (guitar), Nello D'Anna (bass), Sasà Priore keyboards) and Lino's son Irvin Vairetti (synth). In 2008 they were in tour, with David Jackson as an additional member, performing new versions of their best pieces. I had the chance to attend one of their shows and I was struck by the vitality and the enthusiasm of all the musicians on stage. Osanna could have tried to capture the energy of their performances in a live album, instead...

They chose to record the new versions in studio looking for the best sound quality available and the precious help of friends such as David Cross, Tim Stevens, Gianni Leone, Oderigi Lusi, Sophya Baccini and others... Well, this album is not a simple collection of old stuff and the result is absolutely good (far better than their previous work "Uomini e miti"). Osanna's family tree has got deep roots and the "hot gold" of their music still glitters, although melted and reshaped with a modern taste. All the tracks are linked as in a long suite and every track merge imperceptibly into something else...

The opener and classical inspired "Tema", from the OST of "Milano Calibro 9", melts into a fiery "Animale senza respiro" (from Palepoli) that ends into a nervous "Mirror Train" from the debut album "L'uomo"... Osanna and David Jackson perfectly work together giving new life to pieces of music that are part of the history of Italian progressive rock, the music flows for more than seventy minutes without weak moments and the sound is perfect. Less known episodes like "'A zingara" and "Ce vulesse ce vulesse" from the album "Suddance" or "Il castello dell'Es" from "Landscapes Of Life" here are brilliant and convincing like the tracks coming out from "Palepoli" or "L'uomo". There are many changes of atmosphere and rhythm, from classical to traditional "canzone napoletana" (you can even find quotes of "Funicolì Funicolà" and "O sole mio"), from the bluesy and Mediterranean "Neapolitan Power" to the British prog of VDGG's "Theme One" it's like a long run "without a breath" from the start to the finish line, where you won't stop!

The packaging is very good as well, featuring a funny art cover design by Lino Vairetti and a booklet with many pictures and all the lyrics. I'm sure that this album will be an excellent addition for every Italianprog lover collection!

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