Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Omega - 1979 - Live at the Kisstadion

Live at the Kisstadion 

01. Vostok
02. Gammapolis I
03. Help to Find Me
04. Russian Winter
05. Start
06. Time Robber
07. Late Night Show
08. Silver Rain
09. High on the Starway
10. Metamorphosis II
11. Final
12. Metamorphosis I

- László Benkö / keyboards
- Ferenc Debreceni / drums
- János Kóbor / lead vocals
- Tamás Mihály / bass
- György Molnár / acoustic & electric guitars
+ Egon Póka / guitars
- János Szénich / guitars
- József Törös / guitars

This acclaimed legendary Hungarian prog rock band made some beautiful albums in the Seventies but 'live' they were at their best. This originally 2-LP from '79 (on the 1-CD release the song "Rush Hour" has been deleted) showcases an inspired and powerful performance (more than 50.000 spectators!) from OMEGA, playing most of finest material like "Gammapolis" (great howling guitar licks), "Help To Find Me" (strong Minimoog solo with sensational use of the pitch bend button), "Time Robber", "High On The Starway" (rock and roll with heavy duo guitar work) and "Metamorphosis II + II. The massive crowd reacts very enthusiastic to the warm, melodic and varied 'heavy progressive rock' featuring tasteful keyboards, fiery and sensitive electric guitar and inspired Hungarian/English vocals. I'm pleased with the typical melancholic mood from Eastern Europe in some songs (like "Russian Winter"), very original that makes OMEGA to a band worth to discover for the younger 'prog heads'.

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