Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Omega - 1978 - Gammapolisz


01. Start-Gammapolis (6:28)
02. Nyári éjek asszonya (4:32)
03. Õrültek órája (5:09)
04. A számûzött (4:28)
05. Hajnal a város felett (7:09)
06. Arcnélkül ember (2:090
07. Ezüst esõ (5:11)
08. Gammapolis II (7:39)

This album was also published in english under the same title "Gammapolis".

- László Benkö / keyboards
- Ferenc Debreceni / drums, percussion
- János Kobor / vocals
- Tamás Mihály / bass
- György Molnár / guitar

This is like a b-side album of Csillagok útján. Same style, same principles in the build-up: framework in the beginning and in the end ('Gammapolis I-II'), both quite good. After the monumental opening comes a cut in tempo: the mellow 'Nyári éjek asszonya' (= Lady of the summer nights) - rather important romantic Omega-classic, but not a real interesting piece musically. Then comes 'Õrültek órája' (= Mad hour): an unusually wannabe hard rock and roll, it will be much better served by Omega on the next album Az arc (= The face).

After this only fillers' coming after each other: slow space rock themes, a bit pointless in places. But before the closing section here's 'Ezüst esõ' (= Silver rain), one of the most beautiful pieces of the rock history in my mind, saving this album in the end.

If you liked Csillagok útján, you may enjoy this also, but a definitely weaker effort.

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