Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Omega - 1977 - Idorablo


01. Napot hoztam, csillagot (5:24)
02. Idõrabló (2:58)
03. Ablakok (3:26)
04. A névtelen utazó (5:25)
05. A könyvelõ álma (3:36)
06. Nélküled (7:06)
07. Éjféli koncert (5:49)

This album was also published in English under the title "Time Robber".

- Lÿszló Benkö / keyboards, mellotron, vocals
- Ferenc Debreceni / drums, percussion
- János Kobor / vocals
- Tamás Mihály / bass, vocals
- György Molnár / guitar

The seventh Hungarian release marks the attempt of OMEGA to shift their sound into more space-rock defined style. However, the attempt appears to be only partially successful.

The opening tri-partite title track (Time Robber) only suggests the expansion of their sound, with repetitive guitar chords and synth background, but never really gets anywhere. Add to this Kobor's vocals spoiled with ugly echo effects and you get dissappointed right away. At best it can be described as close to better moments of JANE, URIAH HEEP or Yugoslavian contemporaries DRUGI NACIN.

The following two tracks are even worse, pretty mediocre and dull hard rock, that sound very much like fillers of album space.

What saves Idorablo and actually pushes it into the class of good, decent prog albums, are the next two tracks. They contain valuable elements of space-rock a la FLOYD or ELOY (Nelkuled) and of symphonic rock sound (Ejfeli koncert) that can justify its purchase by prog community.

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