Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Omega - 1976 - Time Robber

Time Robber

01. Time Robber (12:43)
a) House Of Cards Part I
b) Time Robber
c) House Of Cards Part II
02. Invitation (5:42)
03. Don"t Keep Me Waiting (7:20)
04. An accountant's Dream (3:40)
05. Late Night Show (6:30)

- Janos Kobor / lead vocals, percussion
- Laszlo Benko / organ, Moog synthesizer, vocals
- Tamas Mihaly / bass, vocals
- Gyorgy Molnar / guitars, 12 string guitar, acoustic guitar
- Ferenc Debreceni / drums, percussion

Hungary's gift to the world. Omega are a truly world class Progressive Rock band of the first order. These guys can be as good as anyone when they're on their game. And to me the mid to late 1970s was when Omega was at their peak as a band. And, though some may argue (Because it's pretty widely held that 10,000 Lepes is thier high water mark) I believe Time Robber to be Omega's magnum opus. Every song on Time Robber is a timeless Progressive Rock Masterpiece. House Of Cards is simply astounding. Invitation is a jaw-dropping aural waterfall that has to be heard to be believed. And Late Night Show just may be the greatest song Omega ever created. Vocalist and Frontman János Kóbor has one of the best and most unique voices in Progressive Rock history and György Molnár's Guitars and László Benko wonderful Keyboard work are both superb. Five star Prog perfection.

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