Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Omega - 1975 - Nem Tudom a Neved

Nem Tudom a Neved

01. Nem tudom a neved (7:38)
02. Addig élj! (3:28)
03. Egyszemélyes ország (2:32)
04. A büvész (4:49)
05. Az égben lebegök csarnoka (2:47)
06. Mozgó világ (4:51)
07. Huszadik századi városlakó (6:17)
08. Tüzvihar (3:53)*

* Tüzvihar - Revised version of the same named song from the album "10000 Lépés", only at the CD.

- László Benkö / keyboards
- Ferenc Debreceni / drums, percussion
- János Kobor / vocals
- Tamás Mihály / bass
- György Molnár / guitar

'Nem Tudom a Neved' (I Don't Know Your Name) is a wonderful album by Hungarian Hard- Rock/Proggers Omega.
The sixth Hungarian album brings the first true masterpiece of OMEGA progressive rock, a phenomenal title track Nem tudom a neved. An excellent and easily recogniseable and catchy guitar riff and plethora of Moog synths make this composition rank amongst the best in prog music, in general terms. Unfortunately, the rest of the album suffers from inconsistency while the two following songs are hardly more than obvious hard rock fillers. Still, the second side of the album regaines a momentum a bit, sticking back to a more sophisticated prog territory, while the last song Huszadik szazadi varoslako (The 20th Century City-Dwellers) is every bit as good as the opener, having very nice heavy-symphonic sound. Some CD reissues contain a bonus track, a new version of Tuzvihar, which is a spoiler if you ask me.

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