Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Omega - 1974 - Omega III

Omega III

01. Stormy Fire (Túzvihar) (3:58)
02. Spanish Guitar (Spanyol gitár legenda) (3:30)
03. Go on the Spree (Egyszemélyes ország) (2:33)
04. Remembering (Emlék) (3:25)
05. Everytime She Steps In (Régvárt kedvesem) (3:45)
06. Live as Long as (Addig élj!) (3:19)
07. Just a Bloom (Eltakart világ) (4:31)
08. I Go Away (Én elmegyek) (3:31)
09. Fancy Jeep (Omegauto) (3:49)

- János Kobor / lead vocals, percussion
- György Molnár / acoustic & electric guitars
- László Benkö / organ, Moog, vocals
- Tamás Mihály / bass, Mellotron, backing vocals
- Ferenc Debreceni / drums, percussion

3rd German album with English versions of songs

Omega started making attempts to reach a wider audience and Bacillus supported the band by releasing the ''Omega III'' album in 1974.Reputedly this album, which contains 9 tracks sung in English, included older compositions of the group, re-arranged by the band with English lyrics.

Stylistically this is rather a step back for the band, which returns to its Hard Rock roots, quite reasonable for a band, which revisits its older material.Compositionally though ''Omega III'' is a pretty strong album, even if the progressive flavors are limited.Tight, well-produced and powerful Hard Rock with occasional symphonic/proggy vibes and fantastic work on English vocals by Janos Kobor.Actually they sound extremely close to British bands, especially URIAH HEEP, dropping hard riffing next to dymanic and diverse keyboard parts full of passion and energy.As aforementioned, most of the tracks are straightforward Hard Rock with great guitar moves, edgy solos and lots of keyboard waves next to Kobor's great voice.A few of them though really stand out.''Remembering'' is a very good piece of Classic/Prog Rock in the vein of URIAH HEEP and THE MOODY BLUES with a nice organ intro, irritating Mellotron parts and melodic guitar soloing by Gyorgy Molnar.''I go away'' is quite close to Classical Rock with psychedelic beats, highlighted by a beautiful opening organ themes by Benko and another monumental guitar performance by Molnar.''Spanish guitar'' is another winner.Accesible, consistent and solid Classic Rock with background Mellotrons and a fine combination of electric and acoustic textures.

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