Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Omega - 1972 - Elo Omega

Elo Omega

01. Hútlen barátok (5:48)
02. Blues (3:38)
03. Egy nehéz év után (5:52)
04. Törékeny lendület (4:14)
05. Omegauto (4:32)
06. Régvárt kedvesem (5:21)
07. Emlék (3:37)
08. Eltakart világ (5:20)
09. Varázslatos, fehér kõ (9:06)

This long play record includes recordings from OMEGA concerts, which took place from 17th January till 10th March 1972. It was published as a substitute for the LP "200 évvel az utolsó háború után", which fell victim to censorship.

- János Kobor / lead vocals
- György Molnár / guitar
- László Benkö / keyboards, backing vocals
- Tamás Mihály / bass, backing vocals
- Ferenc Debreceni / drums

Given the odd origin of this live album - issued independently by the band themselves instead of the intended but allegedly censored studio album "200 évvel az utolsó háború után" - it is a very good one. In this period OMEGA lost two band members (who went to form LOKOMOTIV GT) and were struggling with the state-owned record company.

Unless you are more demanding for a higher quality of sound and production, these drawbacks are not so evident on "Elo". OMEGA sounds very powerful and strong on stage. It's still mainly a trendy hard rock sound with several nice ballads, and again one redundant blues improvisation... But, just listen to "Egy nehéz év után","Hútlen barátok" or "Varázslatos, fehér kõ" and you'll experience excellent performing with fiery prog rock energy! Several guitar solos are developing the themes that would be perfectuated on their smash hit "Nem tudom a neved" on "Omega 6" album. For fans of early 70s heavy rock with prog leanings and beautiful psychedelic ballads (such as URIAH HEEP), this is a fine and enjoyable addition.

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