Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Omega - 1968 - Red Star From Hungary

Red Star From Hungary

01. Wake Up (3:23)
02. Mamma Said (2:52)
03. If I Were The Wind (2:47)
04. Rose Trees (2:37)
05. Tomorrow (5:01)
06. There Is Nothing I Can Do (5:28)
07. Once I Knew A Girl (2:51)
08. Clown (4:10)
09. Hungarian Folk Song (2:07)
10. Trumpeter Charlie (2:22)
11. Dead Are The Flowers (3:06)

- Gábor Presser - composer, organ, flute, vocals
- József Laux - drums
- Tamás Mihály - bass, vocals
- György Molnár - lead guitar
- László Benko - piano, trumpet, flute, citero
- János Kóbor - rhytm guitar, vocals

 Now, here's the first Hungarian beat LP what released in 1968, but not in Hungary, but in the UK. It was the funny story: when the Spencer Davis Group played in Hungary, the band manager discovered the Omega , and invited the band to the UK. The band went to London in 1968, and played lot of beat clubs, like in Marquee, Speakeasy, and the band performed in BBC Late night show. In the UK, the Omega (later about the band history) recorded some songs in english in DECCA studio, these songs were the Omega Red Star From Hungary LP.
After the recordings, the band had to go back to Hungary, so they couldn't became the "Red Stars" on the another side of the Iron Curtain, but.... At that time, the State Record Company (MHV) didn't want to released real Hungarian beat LP with Hungarian lyrics and songs, because they thought: the beat just the idiotic western fashion, which have no future in Hungary... Therefore the MHV allowed just EPs and 7"s with english cover songs. So when the Decca released the english Omega LP, MHV bureaucracy was frightened! The imperialists release one of hungarian beat LP faster than us? So when the band came back to Budapest, they got a straight way to the MHV studo, that they recording their english LP with Hungarian lyrics.

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