Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ódmenn - 1970 - Ódmenn


01. Einn Ég Ræ    3:52
02. It Takes Love    3:46
03. Betri Heimur    3:36
04. Þær Sviku...    2:45
05. Er Mengun Hverfur    3:22
06. Minningar    3:42
07. Dans    3:13
08. Það Kallast Að Koma Sér Áfram    4:45
09. Ég Vil Þig    4:07
10. Stund    2:34
11. Saga Þjóðar    6:18
12. Upphafsstef Úr Pop-Leiknum Óla    1:47
13. Orð - Morð    4:06
14. Kærleikur    4:40
15. Frelsi    20:09

Bass, Jew's Harp, Vocals – Jóhann G. Jóhannsson
Drums, Tambourine, Gong, Vocals – Reynir Harðarson
Guitar, Triangle, Vocals – Finnur Torfi Stefánsson
Organ – Tommy Seebach
Voice [Little Voice] – Ágúst Jónsson

Óðmenn was a short-lived, four-piece Icelandic rock band. Two brothers founded the group in 1966 and it broke up a few years later when one of them went to university to study law. The group played clubs in Reykjavik and recorded a single album in Copenhagen. This is that album. The music is a local take on British blues-rock, merging into psyche-rock. It sits not only on the cusp of two decades, but also on the cusp of two sounds, the first a younger, grubbier percussive style and the second a more expansive guitar-rooted sound. Musically, it’s less incendiary than its foreign forebears. The liner notes explain that the Icelandic lyrics deal with socially divisive themes “like anti-war protest”, but the one English-language song is an affably-worded bit of uplift that asks all of us, “both black and white,” to “[live] together and not to fight.” How often did they get to exercise this interracial sentiment in 1960s Reykjavik, I wonder. Óðmenn features solid playing and songwriting all the way through, ending with a 20-minute zooming jam of a climax.

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