Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Demetrio Stratos - 1978 - Cantare la Voce

Demetrio Stratos
Cantare la Voce (nova musicha n. 19)

01 Investigazioni (Diplofonie E Triplofonie) (14:41)
02 Passaggi 1, 2 (5:16)
03 Criptomelodie Infantili (6:23)
04 Flautofonie Ed Altro (6:17)
05 Le Sirene (6:19)

- Demetrio Stratos / voice

One to annoy the neighbours with. Stratos uses his voice as an instrument, as the cliche goes, with hardly any conventional singing; he uses various unusual effects, some of them very striking. I can think of a few women who've used their voice in a similar way (Ami Yoshida, Joan La Barbara and Meredith Monk come to mind), but no other men; not sure why this should be, not sure it's at all significant, might just be my own ignorance, but there it is.

For the most part, these vocals are presented barely, without a conventional musical backdrop, and without any particularly obvious attempt to make them into pieces of music with a shape. They're just held up as examples of this technique or that, studies in what the voice can do. The effect is like a catalogue or a sample book rather than a novel. Only on the last couple of tracks are overdubs employed to create something more layered, more normally musical (the earlier stuff prepares the ground for this development, I suppose). You might find this entirely unsatisfying, or you might find the concentration on the vocal technique to be fascinating (I'm in the latter camp). The difference between the earlier, balder tracks and the later, more developed ones is perhaps comparable to the difference between an early Steve Reich work like "Come Out" and a later one like "The Desert Music".



  2. This is a revelation, thanks for uncovering this to me! Fascinating

  3. Hi Drago. If you haven't noticed by now, I am systematically downloading your entire catalogue BECAUSE IT'S FUCKING AWESOME. However, I am finding dead links. As I find them, I will report them in the comments, with the type of error it is.
    Cheers. If I ever meet you I will cheerfully cook you a dinner and feed you fine wine and GREAT MUSIC. I'm a (fairly) old fart and I thought I'd heard everything worth hearing. WRONG.
    Thanks, man.
    your fan, Stuart Studebaker
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  4. Hi thanks for pointing it out... I have about 40 albums now that need reuploading, I will tr to get thru it this week...

  5. Hey chief - I have now downloaded the entire CCR collection as of today. FYI, I found *a lot more* than 40 busted links. 189 to be precise. I'm sure of that 189, the 40 you know about is among them. But, yeah, man - almost 1 out of 10 of your links is busted. Not blaming you, of course, but FileFactory's got some serious 'splainin' to do... After they fucked up my payment to them (which they did compensate me for with a free month, which was cool) and then all these busted links, I am beginning to doubt their competence.... This one of course is still busted. Since I book marked all the busted links, I'll just go through each and leave a simple note saying that it's a broken link - server error. Cheers mate, and buckle up for a heck of a lot of uploading... (You have my sympathy and support!)