Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nova - 1977 - Wings of Love

Wings of Love

01. You Are Light
02. Marshall Dillion
03. Blue Lake
04. Beauty Dream-Beauty Flame
05. Golden Sky Boat
06. Loveliness About You
07. Inner Star
08. Last Silence

- Elio D'Anna / saxes, flutes
- Corrado Rustici / guitars, lead vocals, percussion
- Renato Rosset / keyboards
- Barry Johnson / bass, vocals
- Ric Parnell / drums, percussion

Who would expect Wings of Love to parallel the brilliance of "Vimana" ? The core remains : the Santanesque Corrado Rustici, Elio D'Anna's suave sax and woodwinds and Renato Rosset's liberal use of Fender Rhodes among other keys. This is less Brand X , a lot funkier at times and dreamier at others with breathlessly beautiful vocals. "You are Light" is a superb opener which just stays solidly on track providing a series of memorable tunes , with tons of oboe, flute and sax , crossing swords with Rustici's incredible fretwork. There is a slight Mahavishnu/Santana vibe here , this record would partner well with Borboletta/ Welcome/Caravanserai or Visions of Emerald Beyond/ Birds of Fire. Extremely original recording , very dissimilar from the previous "Vimana" or the following and disappointing "Sun City" . A unique prog gem that deserves more attention and errr ...a CD edition, please. Is there anyone out there who agrees with me ?

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