Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nova - 1976 - Vimana


01. Vimana (7:18)
02. Night Games (9:37)
03. Poesia (To a Brother gone) (5:11)
04. Thru the Silence (5:43)
05. Driftw3ood (10:03)
06. Princess and the Frog (7:44)

- Corrado Rustici / lead guitar, 6 & 12 strings & acoustic guitar, marimba, lead vocals
- Elio D'Anna / Tenor & Soprano saxes, flute, synthesized flute (6)
- Renato Rosset / Fender Rhodes piano, acoustic piano, Mini-Moog, strings ensemble, clavinet

- Percy Jones (Brand-X) / bass guitar
- Narrada Micheal Walden / drums & Fender Rhodes piano (end of 6)
- Phil Collins(Genesis) / percussion
- Zakir Hussain / congas (6)

This is fairly light Jazz with some aggressive guitar once and a while. This truly is an all-star cast with D'Anna (sax&flute) and Rustici (guitar) from OSSANA, as well as Rosset( piano) from NEW TROLLS ATOMIC SYSTEM as the core. Interesting that both Phil Collins (percussion) and Percy Jones (bass) would guest on this Italian offering as well. These two guys would also be part of BRAND X who would release "Unorthodox Behaviour" the same year as this was released. Michael Walden from MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA would play the drums on this record.

"Vimana" opens with acoustic guitar and drums before we get some flute melodies that come and go. An outburst of sound 1 1/2 minutes in quickly departs as a pastoral section comes in.These drastic tempo and mood changes continue. Jones and Walden are prominant 3 1/2 minutes in before a killer guitar solo from Rustici. Some smooth sax late. "Night Games" doesn't have much in the way of a melody for 2 minutes, until the sax and drums start to lead the way. The vocals before 4 minutes are pretty good. He kind of quivers at the end of his vocal lines, probably on purpose. I like the line "Killing the time before it kills you." The guitar is again fantastic after 7 minutes and check out the drumming before 9 minutes.

"Poesia (To A Brother Gone)" is made up of piano, guitar and flute throughout. "Thru The Silence" opens with guitar and drums as the vocals arrive.The instrumental interlude includes some screaming sax and crazy percussion work. "Driftw3ood" takes a while to get going just like "Night Games" did. Vocals after 3 1/2 minutes as liquid keys and sax come and go. More great guitar 6 1/2 minutes in, as well as acoustic guitar that can be heard throughout. "Princess And The Frog" features some catchy guitar melodies while the drumming is so crisp and upfront. The percussion joins in as the guitar starts to show off a little. A change 2 1/2 minutes in as keys come in and guitar and drums leave. The birds are chirping 5 1/2 minutes in as the melody has stopped. Keys and synthesized flute end the song and the album.