Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nova - 1976 - Atlantis


01. Se Vuosi (15:00)
02. Kaupungin Naiset (3:14)
03. Atlantis (9:17)
04. Vanha Surullinen Laulu (10:19)

- Antti Ortamo / keyboards, vocals
- Micca Vasenius / guitar
- Jouko Helatie / guitar
- Petri Peltola / bass
- Jukka Marjala / drums

NOVA was formed in early 1975 in Helsinki. Most of the band members had played together earlier in a band called ISOJAKO, which apparently played more pop-orientated music. From the start, NOVA's main figure was Antti Ortamo who was the main composer, lyricist and also played keyboards and sang for the band. In february 1976 NOVA started recording their debut "Atlantis" in Stockholm, Sweden. The music on this album will probably remind you of PINK FLOYD, PROCOL HARUM, WIGWAM, perhaps even ELOY and YES at times. It's not the most innovative album to walk the earth, but it's a nice effort full of warm keyboard sounds and atmospheres.

Unfortunately, the decline of prog had already started and "Atlantis" didn't sell very well. The band had difficulties getting gigs, which ultimately lead do the destruction of the group. They disbanded after making only one album. Recommended, if you enjoy the bands mentioned earlier



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