Thursday, May 14, 2015

Missus Beastly - 1978 - Spaceguerilla

Missus Beastly 

01. Space Guerilla (10:48)
02. Guitar For Sale (7:57)
03. Rahsaan Roland Kirk (2:50)
04. Fuzzy, Don't Go To The Disco (3:21)
05. Hoffmannstropfen (6:04)
06. Cose Dola (5:17)
07. For Flü (6:57)
08. King Garlic (6:40)

- Friedemann Josch / wind
- Locko Richter / bass, violin
- Burkard Schmidl / keyboards, percussion, vocals
- Jan Zelinka / drums

The band has changed beyond recognition a little bit - it's jazz rock respectively fusion by all means but somewhat more in a classic straightforward way - not that weird and with krautrock leanings as shown by the earlier band incarnations. Keyboarder Burghard Schmidl and Friedemann Josch are left from the former line-up. Locko Richter plays a solid part but cannot really manage to be an equal alternative to Norbert Dömling.

The excellent fusion track Space Guerilla as the highlight is performed with much dynamic dominated by Burkhard Schmidl who substitutes the (missing?) rhythm guitar with his keyboard. And therefore not missing a guitarist they are able to offer the Guitar for Sale starting in the wellknown MISSUS BEASTLY or EMBRYO style but drifting into 'shallow waters' in the second half with a decent piano solo. Rahsaan Roland Kirk is a solo flute performance by Josch and then the album developes into a weaker average direction more and more. For Flü appears as a noticable exception with some breaks and changing moods. Cose Dola is not more than a nice pun. 'Dose Cola' in german means a Coke tin. The closing King Garlic is proper most certainly but not really recognizable as a common MISSUS BEASTLY output though.

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