Monday, May 4, 2015

Midnight Sun - 1974 - Midnight Dream

Midnight Sun
Midnight Dream

01. Midnight Dream.
02. Country Days
03. Me And I
04. Send Me Flowers Every Morning
05. I-II Love You, I-II Leave You
06. Batum
07. The Same Dream
08. When You Sleep Alone
09. Where Ever You Are
10. How I Lowe You

- Frank Lauridsen / vocals, harmonica
- Peer Frost / guitars
- Carsten Smedegaard / drums
- Bent Hasselmann / winds
- Bo Stief / bass
- Niels Bronstad / piano

Fourth and last album, again graced with a Roger Dean artwork, Midnight Dream only sees a change of bassist (oddly the singer and bassist will have changed three times while the rest of the group remained, thus drawing a Deep Purple comparison). But musically this will not change much to MS's AOR-style of rock: although "avant-la-lettre" and paying a bit more attention to interplay between musicians, than later n in the decade. Lauridsen's vocals are just apt, and not much more, the group's musicianship following the dame trend, but somewhat forcibly restrained by an unadventurous and very conventional songwriting. Compared to its predecessor, only one of the ten tracks is longer than 5 minutes, giving you an idea of the direction taken.

Like on the previous WC, wind-player Hesselman's contributions still sound very much brass rock (like on the opening title track and its follow-up. But just like the previous album, there is solid music direction, the songs departing in style and heading nowhere quick. They even stoop as low as to reprise some old 60's Motown track, bordering on the ridiculous.

On the more positive the instrumental trad piece Bethim is flawlessly executed and the longer Where Ever You Are, once the chorus and verses dealt with, they let a good groove ( a solid lengthy sax over an evolving bass line, then a splendid guitar over an enthralling piano) and let loose.

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