Thursday, May 14, 2015

Joy Unlimited - 1971 - Schmetterlinge

Joy Unlimited

01. Rudiment 4:27
02. Connection 1:30
03. That's the Key 2:32
04. For You and Me 1:40

05. Suppression 2:56
06. Rankness 2:37
07. Face of War 3:28
08. Free 2:08
09. Sensual Impressions 7:14
10. Quintessence 2:35

11. Eden Park 2:58
12. Metamorphosis 3:08
13. In Search for the Last Word 1:59
14. Rising Mind 2:55
15. Eden Park Again 1:44


16. Neckarbracken Blues
17. All Heaven And All Earth Are Silent
18. Silver Gun
19. Peace Train

Joy Fleming / vocals
Hans W. Herkenne / drums, percussion
Albin Metz / trumpet, bass
Roland Heck / organ, piano, vibes, marimba, percussion, vocals
Dieter Kindl / bass, guitar, percussion
Gerd Köthe / saxophone, flute
Klaus Nagel / guitar, woodwind, percussion, flute
Hans Lingenfelder / guitar

First off, vocals. I was convinced that powerful female vocal was coming from the throat of African origin; it turned out singer is a small white girl. But what a power! Powerful, ranging from clean to raspy, sometimes pleasantly overdubbed. Lots of soul and rhythm 'n' blues influences.

But what is this? What are we talking about?

It's difficult to explain. It's definitely a German record, krautrock elements, although not omnipresent, are very evident. Also, the Germany-style catchy melodies, simple but perfectly working within a context - it's hard to explain. Like GROBSCHNITT at their best, but this band has nothing to do with them.

There's also a lot of blues and soul, as mentioned. In fact there are a couple of straightforward, non-prog tunes, and I'm glad the band wasn't petrified in one genre. There's also a cool blues number with German lyrics and good vibraphone. I don't understand anything of German language, except 'Kleine, komm hier'. Speaking of, lyrics are often sexually tinged (which is awesome with such a voice), or naive in it's hippie ideology.

Other aspects worth mentioning are psychedelic rock, saxophone, some heavy rock, powerful Hammond and very good, tight, funky grooves. Now try to fuse everything; it's bizarre as it gets.

This is pointless. I don't have the words to describe it. If you imagine Eclectic Prog as some wacky version of prog, to sinister for jazz rock, to angular for Symphonic, and now try to imagine all that mixed with SOUL MUSIC...and..I mentioned it's a good record, didn't I?



  2. Hi. Love the blog! Just letting you know this links dead. Any chance of a re-up? Really interested to hear this one. Cheers!