Sunday, May 10, 2015

Igor Wakhevitch - 1977 - Nagual (Les Ailes De La Perception)

Igor Wakhevitch 
Nagual (Les Ailes De La Perception)

01. Nagual (Les Ailes de la Perception) (5:20)
02. In the Nagual's Time (Flash I) (0:32)
03. Spenta Aramati (Ritual of the Zelator) (3:48)
04. Hunahpuguch (2:37)
05. Beginning of Peter's Journey (3:17)
06. Sets (Transition) (1:26)
07. The Smile of Wolf on the Bench (for Jorma) (4:43)
08. Never Poem for the Other (5:12)
09. In the Nagual's Time (Flash II) (1:45)
10. Stop the World (Rituel of Si-Wang-Mou) (5:45)
11. Cinderella (1:28)
12. Chirakan-Ixmucane (8:11)

Igor Wakhevitch/keyboards, synthesizers

This Igor Wakhevitch's album is a musical understanding of his readings of Carlos Castaneda's recountings of his "magical" encounters with mexican sorcerer "Don Juan". (To younger generations which are are not familiar with these teachings or books, imagine "Star Wars", "Matrix" and "H Potter", compressed, reloaded and FOR REAL!).

Anyway, I have not been fond of much of this musician's work, his opera-like electronics are not very much in my likings, and this work is not that easy to aquire. So after deciding to aquire it, I got to listen to it, with my expectations not that high. I found out a very astonishing Prog/Electronic album.

Not opera-like at all, it is almost an all "instrumental" album, with scarce human voices here and there. It could be in fact, the music for a "theater play" of these books, its "soundtrack". Of course its "not geographical exact" version, but not such a thing exists either way.

The concept itself, is far too extensive, as to single point each of its branches, so in able to compress the experience, Igor Wakhevitch, writes a wide variety of songs that hold on to the concept, but not to a single "style". He composes and plays: From "dark" experimental electro/acoustic songs to "noise" like ambients, to native like ritual music, to classical like piano or harp pieces, to pure and bright analog-electronic synth music, to folk-like (or his idea of mexican folk music) songs. All blended but not mixed-up. Every song is rich as unique, to stand alone or with the whole concept of the project.

Therefore it offers an almost "flawless" experience, and the best of all, are its highly inspiring and achieved, compositions and performances, without ever sounding pretentious at all.