Sunday, May 10, 2015

Igor Wakhevitch - 1974 - Les Fous D'or

Igor Wakhevitch
Les Fous D'or

01. Twilight and Call of the Ascending Spirit (5:51)
02. Arrival of the Magic Doll (5:02)
03. Rites of the Doll (8:41)
04. Henry the Fool of the Doll (3:00)
05. Eve Speaks (1:56)
06. Ritual of the Master of the Doll (13:10)

Igor Wakhevitch/keybaords, synthesizers
Eve Brenner/Soprano
Frédéric Lodéon/tenor
Henry Smith/vocals

Les Fous D'or follows in the same path established in Igor Wakhevitch's albums prior works, but includes minor differences. Les Fous D'or is much lighter chamber orchestra arrangements, and the music focuses completely on the intermingling between prominent experimental electronics and increasingly bizarre vocals. The electronic elements are much more important on this album, making up the "music" portion of this album. Avant-garde buzzing, cascading sequences of waterdrop-like synths, and ambient drones of blackness, all of which are collected in full on the finale "Ritual Of The Master Of The Doll", which is mostly an accumulation of the electronics portion of the album condensed into a single track. The vocals are much stranger on this album; they squeel, bark, scream and yell over the strange electronic soundscapes.

Again, another solid release from Igor Wakhevitch in the avant-electro-choral arena, if there is such a thing.

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