Sunday, May 10, 2015

Igor Wakhevitch - 1971 - Docteur Faust

Igor Wakhevitch
Docteur Faust

01. Aimantation (0:25)
02. Materia Prima (10:12)
03. Eau Ardente (4:24)
04. Tenebres (Walpurgis) (4:52)
05. Matines (3:53)
06. Licornes (2:33)
07. Sang Pourpre (3:55)

Igor Wakhevitch/keyboards, synthesizers

Docteur Faust is the wonderful sophomore album from electronic avant-garde composer Igor Wakhevitch. After the electronically manipulated and bizarre sounding spoken- word introduction that immediately sets this album off on a whim of uneasiness, the wonderful 10-minute long "Materia Prima" begins and the central elements of this album become clear: chamber orchestra arrangements with profound influence from 20th century composers and stark avant-gardist sonic electro-experimentation of the weirdest variety, with occasional dramatic vocals and additional elements from krautrock. All of these factors really intertwine flawlessly to create what basically sounds like an experimental-electronic-rock-symphony. All of the traditional progressive electronic elements are here (droning, buzzing, etc.) but the equal parts of psychedelic krautrock flavor really make this album a unique listening experience, and avant-gardists should definitely take note of this artist and this album in particular.

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