Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Geysir - 1973 - Hljomsveitin


01. To My Little Lady   
02. Children   
03. Ocean Waves   
04. The Messenger   
05. A Candle Weeps   
06. Shine   
07. Thoughts   
08. Warrior Child   
09. It Is All Up To People   
10. Memories   
11. Fantasy Of Reality

Bass, Drums – Len Davidson
Flute, Vocals – Judy Niblock
Liner Notes – Svavar Gests
Guitar, Vocals – Gordon Kidd, Gísla Gissurarson

Geysir is yet another mysterious band from the 70's.Apparently they consisted mainly of American natives, which had settled down in Iceland in early-70's.Bassist/percussionist Len Davidson, singer/flutist Judy Niblock and guitarist/singer Gordon Kidd met with guitarist/singer Gisli Gissurarson, stabilizing a band, that recorded one obscure LP, entitled ''Hljomsveitin'',  for the local Hljomploetur label.The year of release appears to be either 1973 or 1974.

''Hljomsveitin'' is a pleasant and smooth Psychedelic Rock album with notable folky touches and minor progressive undertones, but I am afraid that it has not much more to offer than some outdated music.Basically the Americans seems to have been influenced by the local tradition and the vast majority of the album's pieces contain relaxed flute passages and lots of percussion in a rural enviroment, surrounded by the calm voices of three out of the four members.A few of these tracks contain some JETHRO TULL inspirations during their most Folk-tinged early material, lacking though the energy of the British band.In the sweet ''A candle weeps'' there is seeminlgly some (Mellotron?) strings included, but no credits are contained in the liner notes, while ''Warrior child'' has a certain string-section opening the track.The rest of the album is mellow Psychedelic Rock with some good lead guitars and decent vocals, but the music tends to be unoriginal and pretty standard, like having played a thousand times in the past.However the combination of flutes, acoustic lines and sensitive vocal chords are destined to please fans of Psychedelic Folk.



  2. Thank you Drago. It sounds as though this is worth a listen.