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Gasolin' - 1974 - Stakkels Jim

Stakkels Jim

01. Alla-Tin-Gala 3:40
02. Daddy Ding-Dong 3:13
03. Bingo 3:04
04. Onkel "How Do You Do" 3:03
05. Legenden om Josha og Ming 6:03
06. Kap farvel til Ümanarssuaq 3:25
07. Perron "Gare du Nord" 2:36
08. Damernes nar 3:15
09. Johnny Lee 3:11
10. Stakkels Jim 4:27
11. The Last Jim 2:55

Kim Larsen: vocal, guitar, bass, Moog, writer
Franz Beckerlee: lead guitar, Moog, harmonica, vocal, writer
Wili Jönsson: bass, piano, vocal, harmonium, writer
Søren Berlev: drums, percussion, vocal
Steen Vig: soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Hugo Rasmussen: double bass

Roy Thomas Baker: producer

The raw rock of Gasolin' 3 would on this record be replaced by a more polished and bombastic sound, and for the first time strings would be incorporated. Stakkels Jim does not rock as hard as Gasolin' 3 and songs such as "Bingo" and "Perron 'Gare du Nord' " are quite poppish. However, epic rock songs such as "Legenden om Josha og Ming" and the title song, which was based on the "Auld lang syne" melody, would be the blueprint for their next album, Gas 5.

Stakkels Jim (translation: Poor Jim) was recorded in Rosenberg Studio in Copenhagen with Freddy Hansson as sound engineer. From this album "Onkel 'How Do You Do' " / "Johnny Lee" and "Bingo" / "Alla-Tin-Gala" were released as singles. Stakkels Jim was also released in England with English lyrics as The Last Jim in November 1974.

Stakkels Jim was released on cd in 1987 with Gasolin' 3, but due to lack of space "Legenden om Josha og Ming" and "Johnny Lee" were omitted. In 1991 it was remastered for cd and it is also included in The Black Box (2003).



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