Saturday, May 2, 2015

Gasolin' - 1973 - Gasolin' 3

Gasolin' 3

01. Smukke Linda 4:58
02. Rabalder 2:28
03. Katten 2:50
04. Jeg troede jeg var 3:13
05. Bobo's sang 4:05
06. Det var Inga, Katinka og smukke Charlie på sin Harley 2:51
07. Jeg er splittergal 3:15
08. Cafe Paradis 4:14
09. Bessefar 2:12
10. Sju-bi-du-bi-mand 5:54

Kim Larsen: vocal, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, music, lyrics
Franz Beckerlee: lead guitar, moog synthesizer, vocal, bass, music, lyrics
Wili Jönsson: bass, piano, vocal, organ, percussion, music, lyrics
Søren Berlev: drums, percussion
Niels Harrit: tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, percussion, piano
Roy Thomas Baker: producer

Record number 3 from 1973, and the first record whith an international producer. The record was produced by Roy T Baker, which became very well known a few years later when he produced the english band Queen. This record contains hits as: "Smukke Linda" and "Det Var Inga, Katinka Og Smukke Charlie På Sin Harley" among others. The record was to be chosen as the record of the year in 1973 in Danish National Radio.



  2. Thanks so much for this. It's definitely a Roy Thomas Baker production.