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Gasolin' - 1972 - Gasolin' 2

Gasolin' 2

01. På en sommerdag 4:03
02. Se din by fra tårnets top 4:12
03. Fi-Fi Dong 3:21
04. Snehvide 5:15
05. Nanna 1:51
06. Druktur nr. 1234 4:28
07. På banen (derudaf) 3:44
08. Balladen om Provo Knud 3:16
09. Hvorfor er der aldrig nogen der tør tage en chance 4:30
10. Min tøs 2:49

Kim Larsen: vocal, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals, music, lyrics
Franz Beckerlee: lead guitar, backing vocals, alto saxophone, hand clap, harmonica, vocal, music, lyrics
Wili Jönsson: bass, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, hand clap, piano, percussion, organ, music, lyrics
Niels Harrit: saw, tenor saxophone, piano, hand clap
Frank Lauritsen: hand clap
Søren Berlev: drums, hand clap

Gasolin' 2 was released in November 1972 and was received very well by the critics and the public. Musically they would loosen up after the sombre music of their debut album. "På en sommerdag", "Fi-fi dong" and "På banen" are up-tempo and jolly rock songs that would become popular in concert. "Se din by fra tårnets top", "Snehvide" (Snow white) and "Nanna" are slower songs with lyrics inspired by left-wing humanity. The latter song was also released on Kim Larsen's Værsgo (1973). Overall, Gasolin' 2 has a laid back and cosy ambience.

Gasolin' 2 has one song not written by the band: "Min tøs" that is better known as "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" by Lead Belly. From this album "På en sommerdag" / "Se din by fra tårnets top" and "På banen" / "Min tøs" were released as singles. The cover album drawing was by Peder Bundgaard, he would go on to make their future album covers as well (with the exception of Gør det noget).



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  4. sos un genio maestro! lo que me estas haciendo conocer de música no tiene nombre. mil gracias!
    Ahora si, tienes otras cosas de Claude Engel, me fascina el tipo pero sé que omega plus no siguió y el tampoco siguió con algo parecido. Igualmente me gustaría seguir incursionando en él. Muchas gracias Drago!

  5. Engel tiene varios discos solistas q no tengo, y ademas tambien toco con Uniweria he hizo un par de cosas con Bernard Lubat, incluyendo un troncazo de album en vivo grabado en 1972 en Montrux bajo el nombre Lubat, Louiss, Engel Group
    (Bernard Lubat, Claude Engel, Eddy Louiss) yo tuve el LP hace muchisimos anios grabado en un cassette... pero eso lo deje en Cuba cuando me vine a Europa