Sunday, May 17, 2015

Foehn - 1985 - Faëria


01. Fœhn
02. Loreleï
03. Ludine
04. Licorne I
05. Nomade
06. Licorne II
07. Melba
08. Rétrodroïde
09. Faëria
10. Tadji's Song
11. Dernier Souffle

Recorded at Studio 8, March 2, 3, 4 & 5, 1985.

Bass – Michel Boussiard
Drums – Marcel Beaudry-Gal
Guitar, Music By – Alain Blesing
Keyboards – Philippe François
Percussion – Jean-Manuel Belliard
Saxophone – Sylvain Beuf
Vocals, Lyrics By – Anou Belliard

it has been some times I wanted to post this unusual and rare lyric jazz fusion album recorded in 1985 by an obscure formation composed by some known french musicians as saxophonist Sylvain Beuf and guitarrist Alain Blessing
Nice bass lines, spacey keyboards and electric guitar, jazzy saxophone with various rhythmics (jazz, syncopation, latin, ...) accompanied with 'Cortexish' vocals make this album an intimate voyage into darkness of heaven.


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