Sunday, May 17, 2015

Eskaton - 1979 - Musique Post Atomique

Musique Post Atomique

01. Le chant de la Terre
02. If

- André Bernardi / bass
- Gérard Konig / drums
- Alain Blésing / guitar
- Gilles Rozenberg / organ, synth
- Eric Guillaume / fender piano
- Marc Rozenberg / fender piano
- Paule Kleynnaert / voice
- Amara Tahir / voice

Formed in 1970, the ESKATON KOMMANDKESTRA continued the Zeuhl tradition spearheaded by Christian Vander's MAGMA. In an move towards accessibility they discard the Kobaian lyrics, opting instead for their native French. In 1974 original members Xavier de Raymond (Fender piano), Gerard Konig (drums), Marc Rosenberg (bass guitar), and Alain Blesing (guitar) are joined by Paule Kleynnaert (vocals), Amara Tahir (vocals), Eris Guillaume (keyboards), and Andre Bernardi (guitar) becoming simply ESKATON.

1979 saw the release of their first single "Musique Post Atomique", and the recording of their first album "4 Visions" (which would remain unreleased until 1981). Personnell changes (Alain Blessing, Eric Guillaume and Xavier de Raymond out, Gilles Rozenberg and MALICORNE's violinist Patrick Lemercier in) resulted in shorter songs, tighter arrangements and their next release, 1980's "Ardeur". In 1983 after the addition of synthesizers into their arrangements, and a move away from their more traditional Zeuhl sound, ESKATON recorded their last release "Fiction". In 1984 Gilles Rozenberg left the group, and the remaining members recorded their last album "I Care", which was never released.

Now 20 years later, ESKATON remains one of Zeuhl's brightest moments, and their album "4 Visions" (released on CD in 1995 through Sweeden's Ad Perpetuam Memoriam label) is a masterpiece of the entire genre.

So, two official first Eskaton's songs. The sound is quite close to their future masterpiece, but this single shows that the band still was growing up at the moment, although already existed since early 70's. Both songs are quite different to each other, and each one is good, memorable and enjoyable in its own way.

Le chant de la Terre. Somehow, this managed to be something between 'adventurous' and 'mellow' musical experience. There's nothing exactly outstanding in arrangement's quality and musicianship, it's just well-played, but the composition is definitely good. In fact, style of the composition's structure is very close to 4 Visions' compositions, which is mostly expressed in use of nonrecurring themes. It's a very pleasant listen, despite the highly unexpected and ambiguous final, directly after the part with the beautiful vocal solo.

If ...Something familiar, right? No, I'm not about PF's song (bah, I prefer Eskaton's 'If' to PF's one, FWIW). Actually, if I was reviewing Ardeur now, I'd point out that the If's melody at the first part is very similar to Couvert de gloire from Ardeur. So yeah, this is stylistically rather Ardeur's song. Again, a very good and pleasant composition, with wordless chanting this time and some good nonrecurring parts as well.



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