Sunday, May 10, 2015

Douglas Leedy - 1969 - The Electric Zodiac

Douglas Leedy 
 The Electric Zodiac

01. The Electric Zodiac (Part 1)    21:38
02. The Electric Zodiac (Part 2)    15:28

Subtitled "Music Of The Cosmos"

Synthesizer [Moog, Buchla], Effects [Ognob Generator] – Douglas Leedy

In my ongoing attempt to surprise readers, here's something quite different than anything I've posted before. While this is presented as psychedelic music among some record sellers (who will present almost anything as psychedelic) it's really early, avant-garde electronic music from a major figure in the development of computer music. His hair is on the long side, though, and he was influenced by Indian classical music, which also had a big influence on the direction psychedelic music took during this period.

At the time of the recording, Leedy was on the UCLA music faculty and he apparently designed and constructed the Electronic Music Studio there. Prior to that he had been a classmate (at UC Berkeley) and fellow traveler of Terry Riley & LaMonte Young (Pauline Oliveras was a student there too). Although, he had more classical training and less jazz experience, his music also has a modal and repetitive nature (at least on this release) that links him to those better known composers.

So what about this record? As the cover notes, it is "A continuum of music of the cosmos resting in a momentary position of influence composed and arranged for Moog and Buchla synthesizers and Ognob Generator by DOUGLAS LEEDY. There is no beginning there is no end no side one no side two." Personally, I'm not sure I see any relationship to the Zodiac in the music, although there may be some esoteric calculation in use relating to astrology. It is a pretty great piece of early electronic/moog music, very cyclic in nature and not overly dissonant (as some of the more early, avant-garde, electronica can sometimes be).



  2. I was a fanatic for electronic music as a teen in the late 60's. My favorite albums from that period were:

    Electronic Sound - George Harrison (Paul Beaver & Bernie Krause)
    Electric Zodiac - Douglas Leedy
    Dick Hyman's Electric Eclectics
    Electronomusic - John Pfeiffer
    Sidewinder - Morton Subotnick

    Now out of these I will warn you these are not musical except for Dick Hyman. I LOVE NOISE (Except for Yoko Ono)