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Delta Blues Band - 1969 - Delta Blues Band

Delta Blues Band 
Delta Blues Band

01. The Return of the Pink D.F. 1:02
02. Clouds Covering the Sun 5:44
03. We've Got Hard Times 3:00
04. Shit on My Shoes 5:00
05. Simple Sound 0:13
06. You Don't Know My Mind 5:04
07. Highway 51 5:35
08. Lock Me up in Jail 3:06
09. The King of Denmark 0:24
10. Where the Water Tastes Like Wine 3:14
11. Opus 4 9:17

Troels Jensen: guitar, organ, lead vocals
Søren Engel: bass, vocal
Thomas Puggaard-Müller: vocals, guitar
Michael Puggaard-Müller: drums
Bent Hesselmann: tenor saxophone, flute, writer
Kjeld Ipsen: trombone
Jens Jørgen Gjedsted: trumpet

Dansih rock/blues band. The original line-up at the time of the 1969 debut was: Troels Jensen, Michael Puggaard-Müller, Thomas Puggaard-Müller, Søren Engel. Shortly after the debut release, the Puggaard-Müller brothers left to form PAN (2). They were replaced by Preben Feddersen and Peter Høiler. This line-up released a single in 1971. In 1972 Feddersen left to form Buffalo, Søren Engel to play with Paddy Doyles. For the next year of the original line-up only Troels Jensen continued Delta Blues Band. In this non-recording period the band also included Bent Malinowsky, Peter Kragh Jacobsen and Thor Backhausen. In 1973 the group reformed, now as just "Delta", with Jensen, Malinowsky, Kragh Jacobsen, Knut Henriksen and Max Nutzhorn, vocals. This group began recording an album, but after internal conflicts Nutzhorn and Henriksen took over the group and finished the recordings now as Fly United. In 1974 Troels Jensen re-organized Delta w. Kragh Jacobsen, Søren Engel and Billy Cross (2). Over the next period, several guitarist was involved with the group, but the core of the band was maintained with Troels Jensen, Søren Engel and Feddersen. In 1977 - as Delta - the group released a self-titled album. This line up with Billy Cross and Jørgen Lang released an album, "No Overdubs", ecorded in just 6 hours. The album kickstarted a revival for the band. The reformed as Delta-Cross Band and for the next decade had a very succesful and popular career.



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