Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Citta Frontale - 1975 - El Tor

Citta Frontale
El Tor

01. Alba Di Una Citta – 3:03
02. Solo Uniti.. – 4:57
03. El Tor – 6:30
04. Duro Lavoro – 8:23
05. Mutazione – 6:52
06. La Casa Del Mercante ‘sun’ – 4:06
07. Milioni Di Persone – 3:39
08. Equilibrio Divino – 6:36

- Enzo Avitabile / flute, sax, vocals
- Massimo Guarino / percussion, vocals
- Gianni Guarracino / guitars, Moog, vocals
- Paolo Raffone / keyboards
- Lino Viaretti / keyboards, lead vocals
- Rino Zurzulo / bass

After first Osanna’s split up in 1974, Lino Vairetti and Massimo Guarino reformed a band called Citta Frontale. The band offer a peculiar mix between gentle folk and pastoral tunes within some jazzy incursions and melodic vocals winking at the left wing tradition.

Their only album, “El Tor” is a very easy album to assimilate and enjoy right out of the box, much less complex and crazy than Osanna or some other heavy Italian bands. The mood is mostly light and happy and the songs feature high quality vocals, musicianship, and melodies. Classic keyboards, good electric guitar, acoustic guitars, flutes, sax, there’s a bit of everything thrown into the mix here.

“Alba” features lovely acoustic, hand percussion and flutes soon joined by angelic choir vocals. It is a very lovely and relaxing opening song that puts you in a good mood. “Solo Uniti” then flys out of the gate as a jazzy number with some fiery guitars and nice vocals. The lead singer(s) on this album do a fantastic job and all have pleasing voices. The song veers to pop-rock before bringing back the jazzy flourishes at the end. The title song “El Tor” is next beginning with lovely classical guitar. Pure romantic Italian here as the warm vocals are joined by the choral voices again. Around 3 minutes a nice sax burst gives the mellow tune a kick in the rear and it gets more active with some nice soloing. “Duro Lavoro” is a very good track with more complexity and development. It seems a bit darker and more serious with nice bridges leading to different sections. There is great flute, bass, and guitars. A real Italian epic.

Side two kicks off with “Mutazione” which is a jazzy instrumental, nice playing throughout. “La Casa Del Mercant” is a nice folksy acoustic number with lots of nice vocal harmonies. True it sounds a little pop but still pleasant. “Milioni di Persone” has some harmonica with acoustic and sax, again a light pop song. “Equilibrio Divino” closes the album with a good light symphonic number that sounds more ambitious again like “Mutazione”.



  2. very good record i still have the vinyl that i bought sealed in san diego back in 1989 along with new trolls searching for a land.