Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Borealis - 1972 - Sons Of The Sea

Sons Of The Sea

01. In The End - 2:30
02. Broke - 3:14
03. Sons Of The Sea - 3:49
04. Higher - 3:23
05. Another Boy - 5:06
06. Business - 4:42
07. The Politician - 3:28
08. Old Age - 3:00
09. Tomorrow Morning - 5:17
10.Lucky Day - 3:06

Paul Bradbury - Vocals, Organ
Wayne Sturge - Guitar, Vocals
Mark Bradbury - Bass, Vocals
David Hillier - Drums

Recorded in Ontario Canada, March 1970 and originally released on Audat 477-9025/6 in 1972.

Audar Records produced the Borealis In July 1972. It was the first rock album recorded in the Atlantic provinces. The record company was kind of expecting the usual country or folk materials, normal during that time, but we had other things in mind, although we did not mislead them. Song 1, "In the end". made the Top Ten for two months in St. Johns, Newfoundland.

However, a lack of promotion by the hand members, who thought record companies did such duties, soon consigned this LP to collector's shelves and bargain bins in Woolworth deportment stores. Nevertheless, for many years the hand relieved (CAPAC cheques of varying amounts, indicating repeated airplay someplaces, somewhere in Canada. "business", song one on side two was a funky sendup of local business practices, as experienced by the band, it was thought to be the most worthy, as satire. and was designated to be the first "single". Instead, the record company pressed it has to be the "B" side, with "In the end” as the "A" side.

The company then mastered the LP with "In the end" as song one, side one, perhaps because it was the least jarring to the region's many country fans. The album was recorded the night before Borealis opened for the famed Lighthouse band. The recording company's timetable would not be overthrown by a group of young musicians who professed So be opening for a supergroup the next day! And so, a weekend passed, I remember most of it the ports when 1 was awake. It was worth every second!

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