Sunday, May 3, 2015

Beefeaters - 1969 - Meet You There

Meet You There

01. I'll Meet You There 4.51
02. You Changed My Way Of Living 4.12
03. Night Train 4.26
04. Now I Know 4.56
05. Serenade To A Cuckoo 9.58
06. Stormy Monday 9.54

Line Up:
Peter Thorup - vocals, flute
Morten Kjærumgaard - organ
Keith Volkersen - bass
Max Nhutnhzi - drums
Alexis Korner - guitar & vocals on "Night Train" and "Stormy Monday"

The A-side is straight blues rock, with the emphasis on blues. None of the tracks are terribly exciting. I can't tell which Peter Green composition "You've Changed My Way of Living" is trying to rip off, and I've got no clue what that flute's doing on "Now I Know".

The B-side is... also straight blues rock (what's that psychedelic rock tag doing up there?), albeit jammier. But they're both slow blues numbers, done tastefully. And unfortunately, "tastefully" here translates to "dull".

Alexis gets some nice jabs in on "Stormy Monday", but I love that song too much to hear Mr. Gruff-what's-his-name amble his way through the words as he does here.



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