Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Axel - 1976 - Acting Like A Fool

Acting Like A Fool

01. Marty
02. I Wanna See
03. Pussycat
04. No Time to Loose
06. Mary, Anny and Sue
07. Acting Like a Fool
08. Wandering Around
09. Daylight of My Love

Axel Einarsson made his only solo album in 1976 Called it Acting Like a Fool. He later joined a (Comic band) Called Deildarbúngubræður. (Not for translation). They made two records. Saga til næsta bæjar and Enn á jörðinni. He had played with different groups when he moved to USA and started a new Icecross band. As he is a qualified Carpenter he also worked as one during his stay in the States. For many years now he has been running a Professional Studio named Stöðin. (The Station). And for some years he has been puplishing CD´s and DVD´s with music for young children.



  2. Drago, you are a phenomenon! I've been looking for this one so long and just found at your blog. Thanks!