Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Area - 1996 - Parigi - Lisbona

Parigi - Lisbona

01. L'Elefante Bianco
02. Megalopoli
03. La Mela di Odessa
04. Lobotomia
05. Presentation Concerts Lisboa
06. Arbeit Macht Frei
07. Cometa Rossa
08. Luglio, agosto, settembre (nero)
09. L'Internazionale

Recorded in 1976, Have you ever heard an Area studio album? Ok, now, to know thw powerfull explosivity of the band you must know how the play live. The result is surely a masterpiece! The power of Capiozzo and Tavolazzi, twins of free and prog music, the incredible voice, and beurk, of Stratos, the infinite mastery of Tavolazzi and Tofani makes this live an only and irripetible concert, like every concert of Area. Higly recommended!

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