Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Area - 1980 - Tic & Tac

Tic & Tac

01. La Torre Dell'Alchimista (5:50)
02. Danza Ad Anello (5:13)
03. A.S.A. (4:34)
04. Lectric Rag (1:50)
05. La Luna Nel Pozzo (3:41)
06. Tic & Tac (4:38)
07. Quartet (2:12)
08. Sibarotega (4:16)
09. Chantee D'Amour (4:47)
10. Antes De Habler Abra La Boca (4:22)

- Patrizio Fariselli / acoustic piano, M.C.S. 70 synthesizer and electric piano
- Larry Nocella / tenor sax
- Giulio Capiozzo / drums
- Ares Tavolazzi / elcttric bass, double bass, guitar
- Guido Guidoboni / trumpet (1/2 2/3)
- Luciano Biasutti / trumpet (2/5)

Area were an incredible Italian band, progressive in every sense - especially when lead singer(and back-up keyboardist), Demetrio Stratos (R.I.P.) was in the band. Being a group of talented individuals, the remaining members decided NOT to replace Demetrio, after all NO-ONE could fill the void left by such a charismatic and creative character. Therefore, we have this, totally instrumental album, even closer to straight-ahead Jazz- Fusion than the avant-prog leanings of previous works. Take it from me, I have had this LP for a while, listened to it time and time again, and it sounds different each time !!

The first track opens up quite spacey, but ends up sounding like something off the Don Lane show, or what Paul Schaeffer and the CBS orchestra would dabble in. Their playing is absolutely precise, virtuosic and they tackle some really complex arrangements with ease, and most tracks hardly 'let up' until 'Chantee d'amour', with some of those last few tracks closer to their older style than most of the album, displaying slight avant-garde elements and dynamics. All up, a fine album, quite hard for me to describe because it's a bonanza of incredible playing and sounds, but comes off a little too 'serious'. 4 star as the musicianship is immaculate and shouldn't disappoint, especially for those into the jazzier end of prog.


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