Friday, May 22, 2015

Anima Sound - 1971 - Anima Sound

Anima Sound 
Anima Sound
(Musik fur Alle)

01. N Da Da Uum Da (17:34)
02. Traktor Go Go Go (17:15)

- Limpe Fuchs, Paul Fuchs / All instruments, electronics and effects

Relying on elements of sound collage and free-improv jazz, Anima-Sound creates a disorienting and often creepy atmosphere on their debut. Though the instrumental interplay isn't at the level of many other krautrock bands, the group's dedication to the bizarre - through studio fuckery, often-yelped wordless vocals, and a seamless suite structure that moves from place to place with no discernible connecting threads - creates a work that is singular among the many disparate sounds coming out of Germany in the early 1970s. It's not hard to see why this group made their way onto the Nurse With Wound list - this particular brand of free-form madness is extremely similar to the sonic canvases forged by Stapleton & co. nearly a decade later.

Stürmischer Himmel was pastoral, this is industrial - the biggest difference between the two would have to be in terms of atmosphere. This album is more reliant on electronic sound effects e.g. making the vocals sound robotic and applying a flanging effect on the drums. You know you're stuck in 1971 when you keep hearing flanged drum solos! But this album is more than a mere product of it's time - "Traktor Go Go Go" genuinely includes some proto-industrial throbby throb! And with a title like that it sounds like a Gerogerigegege song...



  2. Great! Thanx for your all your Anima shares,not too oftenly to be found (if at all...).This one i don't know yet,others i have on vinyl or Cassette ,up to now that is!

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