Friday, May 22, 2015

Anima - 1972 - Anima


01. Meeting in the Studio 20:35
02. Anima - Live 27:25

"The music contained herein is totally improvised. Nothing has been premeditated or decided beforehand. All of it is dedicated with to you all !

When we started playing music it was a kind of protest. We protested against needs and against Classical and we really wanted to shock people and now it’s not necessary, all is possible. You have thrash, you have punk you have house music, you have noise. I think the future musician has to show silence. Sometimes when I stop in the concert it’s so intense to have a silence in between. This is the main possibility for musicians in the future. It will be hard for a musician when he says to an organizer ‘I am a musician and I play best when I play silence.’"
Limpe Fuchs interview with Polyphasic Recordings.



  2. Do you have either of the earlier cd issues of this album? This recently-released vinyl rip has some terrible sound distortion in places, I'm finding it really hard to get it sounding nice! Weirdly that's even the case with the bonus track, which presumably is not taken from vinyl - how could they get it so wrong for a 2015 reissue? I'm glad I didn't pay to download this from their site, I would have been pretty pissed.

  3. I spent a bit of time cleaning it up, and although it's far from perfect (there's only so much I could do about some of the distortion in some of those loud bits, except soften them a bit so they sound less harsh) it is a more pleasant listen. Try this -