Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Andrew - 1973 - Woops


01 Rockin and Rollin
02 Himalaya
03 I Love You (Yes I Do)
04 Look
05 Dawning
06 Sweetest Girl
07 Heathens
08 Ballad of Herby Jenkins
09 Purple Personality
10 Age

Ásgeir Óskarsson (drums)
Júlíus Agnarsson (guitar, Moog)
Ómar Óskarsson (bass)
Andri Clausen (vocals, 12-string guitar)
Egill Ólafsson (piano, harpsichord, fiddle, vocals)
Björgvin Gíslason (Moog)

Woops is the only album by Andrew, the Icecross related band from Iceland. This is heavy psych rock from 1973 with wild acid guitar runs and English lyrics. The album ranges from weird heavy funk guitar psych to outer space jams. It`s ripped from the recent reissue, or maybe it was a bootleg reissue, I`m not sure. I haven’t seen it for sale anywhere recently, so I`m guessing the re-release is out of print now. The original LP sells for up to 600 $, which is a tad bit pricey for any album imho. Anyway man, this is a very good album that will appeal a lot of all fans`ish type of rock, and to all fans of good music.Issued in a tiny edition of 500 copies. Including the marvelous doomy-psychedelic jewel "Himalaya".