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Akiko Yano - 1976 - Japanese Girl

Akiko Yano 
Japanese Girl

01. 気球にのって [Kikyu ni notte]
02. クマ [Kuma]
03. 電話線 [Denwa-sen]
04. 津軽ツアー [Tsugaru tour]
05. ふなまち唄PartII [Funamachi uta Part II]
06. 大いなる椎の木 [Ooinaru Shii no ki]
07. へこりぷたぁ [Helicopter]
08. 風太 [Futa]
09. 丘を越えて [Oka wo koete]
10. ふなまち唄PartI [Funamachi uta Part I]

Congas – Sam Clayton
Drums – Richie Hayward
Electric Bass – Kenny Gradney
Electric Guitar – Lowell George, Paul Barrere
Percussion – Richie Hayward, Sam Clayton
Piano – Akiko YanoSynthesizer – Akiko Yano
Pedal Steel Guitar – Hiroki Komazawa
Acoustic Guitar – Chuei Yoshikawa
Congas – Tetsuro Kashibuchi
Percussion – Kisaku Katada
Piano – Akiko YanoS
trings – Ohno Ensemble
Backing Vocals – Morio Agata
Drums – Tetsuro Kashibuchi
Electric Bass – Hirobumi Suzuki
Electric Piano – Akiko Yano
Guiro – Akiko Yano
Mandolin – Masahiro Takekawa
Pedal Steel Guitar – Hiroki Komazawa
Piano – Akiko Yano
Pipa – Masahiro Takekawa
Taiko – Keiichi Suzuki, Tetsuro Kashibuchi

Akiko Yano was born in Tokyo and raised in Aomori, Japan. She began playing piano at the young age of three and demonstrated promising talent. When she was only fifteen, Akiko moved to Tokyo on her own and entered into Aoyama Gakuin High School where she pursued her musical career. She later began performing in jazz clubs where her masterful skill at the piano brought her popularity among other musicians. Akiko joined a band with roots in Tin Pan Alley.
Akiko recorded her debut album, Japanese Girl, primarily in Los Angeles with Lowell George and Little Feat. She began collaborating with Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO). They continued to play on her next recording projects and invited Akiko to join them on two of their worldwide tours. Akiko expanded her musical collaborations with YMO on her subsequent CD releases. Akiko continued to release CDs joined by JAPAN and Pat Metheny and has performed on albums by Thomas Dolby and other artists. In 1990 Akiko relocated to New York where she collaborated and toured with some of the world's most renowned musicians including The Chieftains, Toninho Horta and Jeff Bova on his project THE HAMMONDS.

26th Greatest Japanese Rock Albums of All Time according to Rolling Stone Japan.

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