Friday, May 29, 2015

Acid Mothers Temple SWR - 2009 - Stones, Women & Records

Acid Mothers Temple SWR
Stones, Women & Records

01. Uzumgayu/Just George Benson
02. The Condition Of International Job Hunting Activity
03. Little Stone Little Woman And Little Record
04. Jet Stream, Jet Stream
05. Very Very Very Jazz/Deer Cries With "KAYEEYO" In The Breeding Season
06. The Harekaimogs Monster
07. Ahla Hassanbeck Lamborghini Rock
08. Davideo Said To Himself/Incognito Blues
09. Just Like A Stone, Just Like A Woman, Just Like A Record
10. Fairy Music Of Foolish Sushi Bar/Country Singer Narena Baystar
11. The Hametnyara Lady
12. Beyer
13. Mastering Master Builder
14. A Gastric Ulcer And The Prostate Part I
15. Picture Of Romance
16. The Complete Dancing Barefoot
17. A Gastric Ulcer And The Prostate Part II
18. Forever Stones, Forever Women, Forever Records

- Tsuyama Atsushi / guitar, bass, vocals
- Ysohida Tatsuya / drums, vocals, keyboards
- Kawabata Makoto / guitar, violin

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE SWR, the ultimate power trio of YOSHIDA TATSUYA from RUINS and TSUYAMA ATSUSHI and KAWABATA MAKOTO from AMT, present their shocking second album. The album references psychedelic and progressive rock, jazz and contemporary composition motifs but filtered through the group's unique digestive and interpretative processes and placed within a terrifying structural framework of infinite chaos that rocks on every level. In the hands of these three masters from the Japanese underground scene talent, insanity and heaviness spark a fusion reaction that creates a wildly weird and mysterious form of music that seems barely of this earth. Truly psychedelic-progressive rock that kicks sand in the face of both metaphysics and mysticism.

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