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Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - 2007 - 41st Century Splendid Man Returns

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
41st Century Splendid Man Returns

01. Ruck Zuck (7:08)
02. 41st Century Splendid Man (14:49)
03. Genesis Of Humanity (9:15)
04. Dalai Gama (4:39)
05. Hello Eskimo Or Polyhedral Mu (14:20)

- Cotton Casino / Vocals
- Tsuyama Atsushi / Tibetan Trumpet, monster bass, synthesizer, bass harmonica
- Higashi Hiroshi / Synthesizer
- Koizumi Hajime / Drums, Percussion
- Suhara Keizo / Drone bass
- Yoshida Masayuki / Keyboards
- Yoko / Space phone girl
- Ayano / Cosmic companion
- Yoshida Tatsuya / Drums
- Kawabata Makoto / Guitar, synthesizer, RDS900, Violin, sarangi, electric sitar, bowed sitar

Recorded at Acid Mothers Temple 1997-2001
The original release was actually a 12? picture disc on tUMULt Records in 2002.
Tracks 1 & 5 are bonus tracks that did not appear on the original release.
Comes in miniature gatefold LP-style sleeve. Limited edition of 1000 copies.

Originally came out as a 10" vinyl on the Tumult label. Then a few years later this title was put out on CD on Essence Music - with two added bonus tracks, as I'm glad I waited for it to finally be reissued on CD, as I haven't had a turn-table for years. I've heard great things about this AMT pick as it turns out it's all true. Starts off with "Ruck Zuck" which features an enriched sound with some heavy moog-like synthesizer, as it carries on with the very cool experimental title cut "41st Century Spendid Man" and the trippy progressive {sort to speak} "Genesis Of Humanity". Also couldn't get enough of the fourteen-minute insane freakout jam "Hello Eskimo Or Polyhedral Mu". Employs analog sound, sitar, ghostly female vocals and non-traditonal instruments. Disc comes housed in a miniture lp gatefold-like packaging.
"41st Century Splendid Man Returns" is a typically idiosyncratic Acid Mothers Temple release that showcases the many sides of one of the most experimental and prolific bands in music today.
"Ruck ZucK" kicks off the album with all manner of keyboard sound effects underscored by a relentless, Can-inspired rhythm attack. Kraut Rock at its spaciest, complete with a false ending. The title track is fourteen minutes of industrial ambience a la Nine Inch Nails "Ghost" series, and while it never really goes anywhere, it does create a haunting atmosphere. "Genesis of Humanity" recreates the beginning of man with some eerie keyboard, chaotic drumming, guitar squeals, and a driving bassline that eventually brings cohesion to the sonic mess, but only long enough to inspire the individual band members to then take off on their own solo excursions. "Dalai Gama" is a percussion driven interlude reminiscent of a mid song Can jam. and the album concludes with "Hello Eskimo of Polyhedral Mu", pedal to the metal, screaming, squealing, stomping, stop-and-start whirlwind of a jam that leaves the listener out of breath before slowly unwinding in a twisting, shape shifting outro not too far removed from a deep Phish or King Crimson improvisation.
"41st Century" delivers a variety of AMT flavors, from the typical aggressive sonic assualts to more atmospheric numbers. The sound is less than desirable at times (mostly during the faster tracks) but if anything, the sonic deficiencies only enhance the overall mind numbing vibe of the Acid Mothers Temple experience.

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